Part 3

Reflective Journal

Common Shifts (Outcome) (Photo-story) (Part 1)

Final Evaluation for Unit 7 (Final Draft) (For submission)

(Setting up installation and displaying work) Reflection, 24/08/2018

I gathered the items used in the publication such as the head pieces, trash bags, silky polyester rope/fabric, velvet and the metal headpiece that represents containment behind bars after bankruptcy. I combined all of these props into a supporting installation to my projected photo-story and film. At first, I was testing out the materials that I wanted to use and how I wanted to display the installation across the projector and wether I wanted it to be minimal or not, but eventually, I decided to show a cycle that represents the restriction of wealth to poverty from left to right by starting the curve of the installation which is inspired by financial graphs across from the bottom the left top, and of course in the end of the left spectrum a filled trash bag is displayed which highlights the end of the publication and symbolizes poverty

At first, I thought that it would be very challenging to display an installation next a projection without distracting away from it, which is what happened to be frank, and that's why I had to minimize and remove some of the objects that were distracting from the actual projection of the publication. I aim to complete a visualization of people interacting with the space/pop-store just to develop my idea further

I plan to get the final touches of the installation and presentation fully done on Tuesday and photographed professionally hopefully by Alix, and if she didn't have time I'll do it myself. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.55.11 PM.png

(Ideas Of Presentation) Reflection, 28/08/2018

We started the day with a very helpful workshop! The workshop was based off planning our presentation, which was extremely useful to were I am now! The day we did that short practice session I was already done with my photoshoot and I was thinking about how to present my final out. Of course, I was concerned about editing for the rest of the day, but I was even more concerned about how to display my work. I thought at first about my outcome being a form of publication a fashion booklet or even a fashion film, which are possible mediums for the work that've done so far for my project, but I want to push my limits and do something more interesting and engaging. 

Instead of doing a booklet or just a film, which is something I've done before, I want to display my work as an installation and a projection of my concept through the mediums of fashion film and photography. I'm thinking about displaying a large news paper print in a room that's not interactive and segregated as a continuation of the social experiments I've done for this project, but I'm afraid that this method will not be very suitable for fashion and is more based in fine arts. Interaction is important in what I do even if the concept is isolating. So, the other plan I had is to project my film and photographs in a photo-story layout. And read a serious of poems that I wrote about my concept through several recordings I've done. The head pieces, and some garments from the photo-shoot + film will be displayed aside the projected narrative, and others can walk into the space and interact with the experience and concept even more! 

Moreover, I simply do not wish to limit myself and I might even change my mind about the firm methods I listed. Attached to this reflection a sketch of all the other ways I thought about displaying my outcome can be seen. I might choose any of the listed ideas if I feel like they connect deeper to my concept and creative direction. 

  • After sketches of display + visualizations of display 
  • Think of typography and editing references. 
  • Plus the layout of the images on the project and film. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 12.41.22.jpg 

Exhibition Poster Option #3 (SELECTED)

Tutorial On the selection of final poster for the exhibition.

My tutorial with Emma today really enhanced my decision making for the poster. After I showed her and several other tutors the posters I was deciding on they almost all picked the same one, which is poster #3. Which is my personal favorite as well, because it highlights clearly every transition of my project and it also showcases how the photo-story and film is meant to be displayed and projected as a fashion publication within a space

I was also given feed back about my text and how I could change certain terms that've used such as the "potential" instead of "subjected" and so on. However, I  do prefer the terminology that I chose to display better, so I didn't make any further changes on it after my tutorial. 

FullSizeRender (57).jpg

After the tutorial I decided to update my final draft of the poster by editing the images, and removing the bottom text from the poster is it makes my poster go against the temple guideline that everyone was given. Attached to this reflection are the process screenshots I took during my editing of the final poster draft. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.56.03 PM.png

Draft for my final poster for Unit 7

This is the latest draft I wrote for tomorrow's submission for our poster texts, it was a bit challenging to sum everything each key elements of my process and this concept in only 60 words. However, I eventually solved that issue by shorting my sentences and only forming them as key points instead of fully descriptive grammatical sentences. Which makes total sense, because people who are visiting galleries or looking at art generally they wish to be intrigued immediately and buzzed into a piece of work, so a short description of one's own work is the best form of engaging consumers and viewers to your own work. 


Why are so many of us are oppressed by our global financial system and how do we cope and react to it? Factors of social shifts, harsh capitalism and desperation are narrated through fashion visuals, symbolism and factual references. Bankruptcy is portrayed as the new “Heroin Chic”, and poverty is the notion of heroin. A wide exploration of different props are displayed in this publication, a projected film and photo-story are set to merge a contrasting reality into a fashion based visual experience.

Reflection 28/08/2018

As previously mentioned in my reflection I listed an aim for me to accomplish, which is thinking about the layout and progression of my photo-story accordingly. I ended up sketching out ideas of the layout I want, and I cropped contact printed sheets and sticked them down on my sketchbook to visualise my layout with more depth. After experimenting with collage on my sketch book tonight as well. I believe that I'm set to follow the layout the I planned tonight for my photo-story and final outcome.  

FullSizeRender 25.jpg

Before developing my layouts for the my storyboard, I spend the nigh also collaging and developing the imagery I got from the shoot I did with Alix today. I wanted to experiment using collage and editing. before I printed the images I felted them with noise and a blurry flair to highlight a stronger visual appeal for my publication that viewers can visually feel intrigued by when the work is displayed in the exhibition. I aim to include an element of collage into the images that I will develop for this publication to further highlight unconventional symbolism, which connote a sense of desperation and blurriness throughout my imagery.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 13.35.13.jpg

I continued making collages based off the images I got from the second shoot as well, in order to develop the narrative collectively in my sketchbook and photo-story, without wasting any time. 


(Action Plan, Week: 6) Reflection, 27/08/2018

  • Tuesday: Complete you editing and layouts tasks for publication. Get two outcomes done, so you can think of how to display them. Think of several ways to display your outcome, how and where would it be and who are you targeting with. 


  • Wednesday: Once your photo-story and film is complete, then select one of the ideas you thought of when planned for with the development of how you're gonna display and present your work. 


  • Thursday: Start setting up your chosen form of display. Collect needed items and materials for the needed form of display wether it's fabric, plastic or even paper. And starting turning your display into an action through visualizing the space using collage


  • Friday: Complete display of work, photograph it and reflect on it in your reflection journal alongside your final evaluation.

(Styling And Casting Before The Shoot) Reflection, 22/08/2018

Styling was a very experimental process, that was challenging for me to decide, because I tested out so many head pieces and garments on my two models to decide which one did I really want on the models.

Nevertheless, at last I chose to wear the velvet shirt and short with the leather belt and a silky headscarf with the plaster headpiece. The final outfit I decided for the female model is a full casual androgynous tuxedo, but after doing the fitting for it we decided to not include the pants. The third male model was the only solid choice for styling, meaning that I elaborately choose each piece we did in the fitting to the shoot with no changes. Including the headpieces/ props I created previously. I had to test them on my head and the other models' head and eventually I chose the plaster headpiece as a styling prop for me, and chose the plastic headpiece on hers.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 10.10.39.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 10.09.47.jpg.1

(Indoors and Outdoors Minimal Installation With Completed Props) , Reflection 22,08/2018

As a further development of the symbolism of used in spaces through objects such as shoes and wine, I aim to use the shoe and wine props firmly for the first location for the shoot which is meant to connote wealth. The contrasting other part which highlights poverty is completed too and is ready for the second part of the publication to be shot. Now that've tested the two tested with finalised and completed props I can confidently say that I'm fully ready and prepared for my photoshoot tomorrow with Alix and the modelsan appeal of a glamorous aesthetic that can be displayed next to the polyester silky throne and the red wine glasses to overall complete a full set of props and communicate wealth as a symbol of the first part of my photo-shoot and storyboard. The fully realized set of the indoors shot is completed now for tomorrow's shoot.

Final Set/Installation 1

Clear Image of final installation.jpg

Final Set/Installation for shoot 2


(Selection of locations for shoot on Thursday) Reflection, 21/08/2018

These are the locations I research for the series of shoots I did and plan to do for my publication. I wanted contrasting locations that showcase the cultural and financial shifts of my concept, my intention can be seen by my choice of researching a place such as Selfridges for my shoot compared to a dogy ally in Shoreditch or Archway. The main aim of these contrasting locations that I chose to research for my publication is to highlight the wealth gap between those two experiences and how they can dramatically transform your own position and experience within a capitalist society. Nevertheless, I mainly decided to do the first part of my shoot within a minimal space that's set to look wealthy and luxurious through symbolism and props which is ultimately more creative, visually appealing and interesting for me. Although it is more work and the time is tight. I still aim to create a symbolic installation that communicates the wealthy aspect of this story that I'm planning to portray

  • Showcase the contrast clearly through symbolism of the props as well don't just rely on the location 
  • Do quick tests on your sketchbook and what angel of the installation is the most appropriate for the shoot.

FullSizeRender (24).jpg.3


Updated Interim Poster (Second Draft)

(Contextual Practice) Self Assessment task, 22/08/2018

FullSizeRender (24).jpg.2

(HAT WORKSHOP And S.C.A.M.P.E.R (Contextual Practice) Reflection, 22/08/2018

Today was quite an intense session of our contextual practice exercises. At first, we started the day viewing and considering what we would do about our posters, the tutors repeatedly mentioned how essential it is to display our work as the bigger frames of the poster and make secondary images and fonts smaller than our own work and descriptions. And I aim to listen to their feedback and re-do my interim poster as a second draft with smaller references. In the meantime, we have a short 30 mins break before lunch, in where I was able to do quick styling experiments for tomorrow's shoot as I planned. However, I was not able to do the do the collage and the tests I considered. Due to the models being too busy to test it out with me.

In the afternoon, we were doing the HAT WORKSHOP and S.C.A.M.P.E.R experiments were are used to construct an action plan and to help us express and develop more ideas for our projects. Moreover, I was able to think of so many methods for my project and how I would reverse it's narrative and display, which was a technique that was quite new for me to use and think about that was creativity powerful to work with. Because it truly pushed my creativity, and I wish to use it more in the future when I'm struck in a project or unable to make it interesting. 
After, the first two exercises we did in the afternoon, I sat down with Georgia to reflect on my sketchbook and process and get her feed back on how my sketchbook looks like externally. And she gave me several notes that so found profoundly helpful for my project and the development of my final outcome. She highlighted that adding descriptions to my experimentation process and contact images next to my visualization will help the assessment of my unit and improve my communication skills for my future work. 

  • Complete visualization by adding contact sheet and descriptions to sketchbook 
  • Complete the styling experiments and collages tonight before the photoshoot tomorrow

 S.C.A.M.P.E.R PracticeFullSizeRender 29.jpg

HAT Workshop PracticeFullSizeRender 24.jpg

(Action Plan, Week: 5) Reflection, 20/08/2018


  • Monday: continue working on installation and start considering props for them ones that connote wealth through symbolism. Find other props different from velvet and silk to connote wealth. Maybe a drink or an accessory ? A watch or even shoes ? Research the notion of materialism by Andy Warhol and wine. 


  • Tuesday: complete installation and select two locations out of all of the locations you research for your publication. Choose a location indoors for the first part of the shoot and outdoors for the second part of the shoot. 


  • Wed: complete installation set up by then with props and start planning the poses and gestures you have for the shoot. Style and do the fittings of the models before the day of the shoot.


  • Thurs: Photoshoot day! Direct and manage the shoot accordingly, complete the makeup and styling process before shoot and then create! 


  • Friday: After conceptualizing the imagery you took on Thursday by collaging then into your sketchbook and developing ideas from them. think about the layout of your photo-story and the typography of it as well. 

(Editing Interim Poster For First Draft) Reflection, 18/08/2018

I spent most of my afternoon editing the interim poster we had to submit on Monday. And I had to get it down by today, because I wouldn't have access to Indesign during the weekend. 

Eventually by the end of the day I completed my poster by adding two visualizations I've done of my concept and two references of the financial crash and heroin chic as two social influences to my project. I spoke to Vera Wang about collaborating with me by next week and she agreed, therefore, I only need one more garment to complete my project, but I personally believe that my own garment that customized today would be so much more interesting connected to my process for this unit, so I'll for my own garment instead of Vera's. Now I need to plan and consider my final installations and styling/props before my scheduled photoshoot with the fine artist and photographer Alix Marie. But to be frank, I'm not sure if I would collaborate with Vera or Stephanie on that one, I think that I would end up being responsible for each garment of the publication from styling to conceptualizing

(Workshop Day, Outdoors Prop) Reflection, 17/08/2018

I spend the beginning of my day conceptualizing a garment that can be turned into a prop outdoors for the second part of my publication which showcases a shift of wealth and an adaption to poverty. I aim to customize an already existing metal case that I made a while back and stitch it to plastic bins and silky polyester as a developed version of my previous textile sample, and to highlight the holding on to something that's long gone (wealth) (silk) through symbolism of textures in fashion

FullSizeRender (82).jpg

And I spent the rest of the afternoon, making the customized metal garment/installation that've discussed earlier, I was carefully placing the plastic and silky polyester in particular angels of the metal base to create the appropriate merge of the textures outdoors. Overall, I think the prop turned out successfully and I'll keep it in the studio until my shoot with Alix on Thursday the 23rd of August as Georgia informed us (Creative Direction and Fashion Promotion students).

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.59.14 PM.png

(Display Prop Outcome From Casting Workshop)

Develop this head-piece further by adding a further element of styling to it. Think of your own traditional African background and how wealth is depicted through class, and find styling influences for a further development of this headpiece. 

  • Research Lakin's African and prestigious form of wealthy/traditional styling in his fashion imagery, and reference his impact on your styling via research file.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.59.49 PM.png

Reflection, 16/08/2018

I also did another selection of sketches influenced by the idea of a plaster headpiece/prop that would be enhanced through styling, mainly tradiotional African styling that connotes wealth such as the ones used by Lakin's Fashion photography and styling, which is referenced clearly in my research file. I eventually settled and selected on one specific headpiece more than any other. Which is the last idea I illustrated. It was the selected idea that I eventually created in the workshop. 

FullSizeRender (84).jpg.1

I had to get the shape around my head in an exact measurement so I had to apply it on my head and ask for someone's help to craft it around my head. After the shape dried on my head, I was able to remove it and add plaster to it in a rough texture inspired my the concrete of the street and it's ruined/worn out textures. I plan to develop this experiment further by styling it on my head with a black polyester head-scarf and laces to connote a symbol of African wealth that I wish to visually reference in the styling of this shoot. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.58.23 PM.png

What would you do if you lost everything? (Interview + Primary Research)

What Would You Do If You Lost Everything? (Primary Research) (Questionnaire) for Unit 7 (Description)

These are a set of questions that I had for an individual who's financially supported/privileged just like myself. I had to ask her a serious of questions about becoming bankrupt. Losing all of her Wealth. And what forms of adaption would she turn to if she was ever in that situation ? Would You self-harm? Would you commit crime or just adapt to your bankruptcy with desperation and disruption?

These are the main points that I had in the interview. And her answers were fairly interesting for me to conceptualize a narrative and link more deeply to how other people would cope to that situation. 

FullSizeRender 28.jpg

First And Second Social Experiment (Description), Reflection, 13/08/2018

The first two social experiments are in similar conditions and treatments in terms of space and time. However the experiences are portrayed differently by the individuals in them. 
Their both offered limited and invaluable objects, and have been told that they're bankrupt and lost all of their properties and belongings and they have nothing except those objects that with them in a contained space, which is an idea I came up with inspired by the 3 minutes sculpture performance by Erwin Wurm.

The first experiment I was amazed by seeing the performers' reaction and hoping to her reality at first she was raging excessively, we no conscious over her surroundings and action. She was kicking and throwing anything she wanted so carelessly, suggesting the notion of her having nothing to lose. After her rage, she starts laughing loudly and happily, which was a very odd reaction that one would expect from an experiment like this. However, it did strike a point to me. That if a person is completely bankrupt within a world that's profiting and controlling us by capital, they're free and liberated from the system, which immediately releases their rage from being controlled to absolute personal liberation. She said to me after the experiment "If I lose everything, then that means I have nothing to fear or be sad about anymore.", which really influenced a particular viewing point I have for the conceptualization of this unit and the way it's content is perceived

The second social experiment is the same exact setting and scenario of the first performance. The only difference is based off the experience of the individual. I wanted to show diversity with this concept as much as possible because we're all subjected to it any moment wether you're African, European, American, Asian, Middle Eastern etc... So, I choice an Asian male model to highlight his own experience that's different from the first model's experience. Unlike her, he was very subtle and gentle. It seemed like he was receiving and reacting to the information slowly and numbly. He took all of the objects in the center and instead of throwing and kicking them like the first model, he actually took everything to a corner and starting to conceal himself, gradually. But eventually he throw himself aggressively against the bag filled objects, suggesting desperation and tiredness. I must say, after seeing his performance, which is very linked and realistic to real experiences of people who are hopeless and bankrupt I was touched by his accurate emotional representation of the matter. His gestures and performance inspired my research, and development for the theme of this concept and how I wish to investigate it

Fourth Social Experiment (Adaption)

First Social Experiment (Extensive Rage)

Reflection, 16/08/2018, Contextual Practice Session.

In our contextual practice session we're asked to bring a piece of text wether it's an article, book, essay, poem or indeed any piece of writing for analyzing. 

I brought 3 double spreads from a book I read to conceptualize my unit 7 theme. The book is titled "it's the political economy, stupid!" (2013)  I find it interesting how my group was criticizing the fact that my essays were too factual and informative to analyze, when in fact that helps them gather a commentary on the issue which revolves our economies and systems. 

The most interesting piece I got to analyze is a song by Marina And The Diamonds titled "sex", the song was about female empowerment throughout generation and how it's portrayed today. Which was an interesting fact about the song that didn't come to my mind immediately when I read the chorus for the song. The other piece I read was an email about a city being overcrowded, it was informative and interesting, so I eventually ended up forming an opinion about the issue and how it can cause crime and poverty. 

The practice was quite helpful, and I aim to add the analytical notes written by my partners to my research file, typically where the book "it's the political economy stupid!" Is displayed. 

FullSizeRender 74.jpg 

FullSizeRender 73.jpg

Progress Tutorial with A.S, Reflection 14/08/2018

After my progression tutorial, I was encouraged by Alastair to do more social experiments of people and continue getting their perception through physical interaction within a space. He also recommended that I should I should mention that I achieved I what I planned for in my reflective journal to complete the cycle of reflection. Nevertheless, I aim to take his feedback because I think it's very helpful and accurate in terms of developing myself and my work further. 
He saw the film "do it in a day workshop" and stated that there's a sense of sensuality that should be highlighted somewhere, which is an interesting point that he brought to my attention. I never thought that my movements of desperation might be perceived as fetishized symbols. But, I do understand his viewpoint although that wasn't my intention at all

(Action Plan, Week: 4) Reflection, 13/08/2018

  • Monday: Film two social experiments within a containt space with the notion of people losing everything, see how they react, record it, and conceptualize your project further based on that, and spend the Afternoon editing the film and selecting stills. 


  • Tuesday: After your progression tutorial, film two more social experiments showcasing self-harm and disruption to bankruptcy, and adaption. After filming all of the social experiments interview individuals on their own perception of losing everything and how they would cope to it. 


  • Wednesday: After contextual Practice edit all of your films and upload them on your work flow and reflect on them independently. sketch and conceptualize two head-pieces that can be perceived as avant-garde accessories that would be seen on a certain type of wealthy individuals or something that's worn or is appropriated by privileged culture such deconstruction or minimalism. 


  • Thursday: Create two head-pieces that can be perceived as avant-garde accessories that would be seen on a certain type of wealthy individuals or something that's worn or is appropriated by privileged culture such deconstruction or minimalism.


  • Friday: Create two head-pieces that can be perceived as avant-garde accessories that would be seen on a certain type of wealthy individuals or something that's worn or is appropriated by privileged culture such deconstruction or minimalism.


  • Weekend: Start conceptualizing and thinking about the props you will display out doors and indoors, and finalize your selection for the locations you wish to get photographed in for your publication. 

Circulating Capital (Workshop Outcome) (Do It In A Day)

Reflection, 10/08/2018 "Circulating Capital"

Today we had our one day task at the workshop, which was a short project for us to complete in just one day. The project sounded quite challenging at first considering that we had to do complete a full outcome in just one day, but I was quite excited for the experience of creating something under a fast track. 

Last night, I spent the entire night planning ahead what I'm going to do in the workshop, wether it's a film/photography experiment or even an installation. Eventually, I decided to settle for a fashion film intrigued in the pain of loss, bankruptcy and poverty titled "Circulating Capital". So, from the very beginning of my day today, I went to collect props, find a shooting location to start my takes, which is what've done for the entirety of the afternoon. But, eventually, I had to spend the rest of my afternoon editing the film in order to give it the visual aesthetic I'm investigating and experimenting with for this unit. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 09.46.22.png 

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 09.46.44.png 

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 09.47.10.png

Reflection, 10/08/2018 "Circulating Capital"

FullSizeRender 66.jpg

This is a short poem that I typed during the workshop session this friday in order to enhance the conceptual meaning behind my short visual film experiment for this unit. The poem was inspired by my concept highlighting the struggle of harsh capitalism and how it can shift a person's entire state of being and power within society. However, due to the short timeline I had to complete this film I was not able to add an audio of the spoken poem by me to the film. But, I do plan to add parts of the spoken poem by me in the final film I plan to produce for this project along-side a photo story that highlights the progression of individuals from wealth to poverty. 

Contextual Practice Natasha's notes, Reflection, 08/08/2018

These are Natasha's Own notes of the objects that I handed over for an analytical review. I find it fascinating how she commented on how blue velvet as a texture highlights wealth historically, which means the choice of textile symbolism is communicating through very well.

Texture/Object #1 Stitched Plastic on silky polyester


Texture/ Object #2 Blue Velvet (Dark Blue)


(Further Visualizations) Reflection, 09/08/2018

I completed more visualizations today and refined a few before I starting stitching a few textile samples of silky polyester and plastic that would highlight the merge of wealth and poverty. In the two visualizations that've done based off primary images, I focused more on the styling on the human form and the environment of someone who's bankrupt, but is still holding on two objects that contrast to their new environment. 

FullSizeRender (78).jpg

Visualization #3

FullSizeRender (79).jpg

Visualization #4

(Visualization And Merging Research Into Sketchbook Practice), Reflection 07/08/2018

Today as I planned I did a quick visualization/observation of a desperate/troubled model that's passed out on the floor to highlight the depiction and styling of pain and desperation in fashion visuals. And later on, during the day I collected the textures I got from last sunday to do a quick analysis on them in my sketchbook and research file, The textures I chose to reference highlight a completely different social status from one another. The first textures that I choose to reference were blue velvet, silk and leather because they're all highly romanticized/capitalized textures historically and contemporarily, the color blue it self is metaphorically linking to wealth. Mainly most of the textures and avant-garde props I got for the first part of the shoot which highlights wealth is from either couture or designer runway shows which mainly pander to wealthy consumers such as Ellie Saab and Hussein Chalayan. I wish to reference those textures in depth more on my research file.

The other contrasting sample I got was the complete opposite depiction, it's the depiction of poverty and lower culture, because plastic is extremely cheap and invaluable within our societies and is used to contain trash and is usually found around trash. Moreover, highlighting those points help me develop further visualizations of the location and styling of the shoot. And, I plan to continue coming up and planning props+garments that connote and highlight these textures that I'm using as symbolic/figurative communicating factors to the viewers of my publication.  

Conceptualizing visuals of desperation and adaption to pain, inspired by Heroin Chic

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.02.48 PM.png

Conceptualizing Textures, symbolism and connotations of garments/textures for concept.

FullSizeRender (75).jpg

Conceptualizing Textures, symbolism and connotations of garments/textures for concept #2

FullSizeRender (74).jpg

(Guideline For Visualizations And Development) Reflection, 05/08/2018

Although today is a Sunday I still managed to gather materials and textures that I aim to use for my visualizations and the development of this project such as, blue velvet, silky polyester, a collection of plastic bin bags with different colors. I thought about the first element of connoting wealth and poverty through fashion, before considering the space and models. I wanted textures that are symbolic to so many and clearly identity a certain class.

  • Keep researching references that you can blend into your collages and visualizations of the matter of highlighting wealth and poverty and blending the two
  • Look at the depiction of wealth, poverty and desperation in fashion imagery in order to achieve a series of clear visualizations. 

(Last And Final Firm Decision On Concept For Unit 7) Reflection, 04/08/2018

As I previously planned and reflected, though, today is a Saturday I had to work on my conceptualization process and I re-did the context map again for the newly chosen concept for this Unit "Social Pressure And Desperation.", I had to re-consider my artists, context and visual references for this project. And I settled on starting my experimentation process with a series of texture/textile experiments/illustrations that will inform the matter of styling and symbolism in the newly considered concept which is intrigued in the heart of criticizing capitalism and the oppression of our global financial system/ the desperation that it causes to individuals

And, that's why I decided to name the project "changments commons", which means common shifts in french. Common shifts is stated to symbolically comment on the reality of anyone at any moment being subjected to losing everything that they value if they became bankrupt or if the economy collapsed again in the same way that it did in 2008 and several other times throughout the adaptation of harsh capitalism "free-capitalism" in our global societies. I want to show the vulnerability of wealthy individuals or any individual losing everything thing that they value, and still holding on to them while in poverty. And would they all cope with it differently ? Is another factor I wish to investigate as a primary experiment.

I wish to investigate how individuals will cope with bankruptcy and losing everything as I do primary interviews and social experiments on individuals and their own perception of wealth and it's loss. This narrative would be usually portrayed as a juxtaposition of class, but I plan to visually blend both through visualizations that I will do using collage and sketches + finding contextual references and sources that will help me link a form of symbolism in both environments that will blend their contrasting social statuses together

Going back to the task I was asked to complete by Georgia which is the prioritization of each stage of my discipline, so I could be able to complete a well developed project within the timeline of 3/4 weeks. I completed the chart, re-did the context map as I planned along side the Venn diagrams and I believe that I'm ready to submit my final proposal on Monday and start conceptualizing my project through collaging the contrasting elements of wealth that I wish to investigate through factual sources and symbolic textures as starting points. 

  • Complete visualizations of your concept using links of your discipline through fashion communication and high fashion depicting the perception of wealth and it's depiction
  • Also, reference and look at factual references about the economy that can communicate and develop the context of your concept such as personal bankruptcies
  • Start releasing a contrasting aesthetic of your concept though collaging more primary images that can communicate the pain and desperation of your project.
  • Look up visuals that highlight desperation and negative depiction in fashion communication such as the movement of "Herion Chic".

FullSizeRender (66).jpg

FullSizeRender (67).jpg

(Re-writing My Proposal) Reflection, 03/08/2018

On friday I had my tutorial with Georgia about my proposal, and she expressed to me her deep concerns about how the project would be perceived and the emotional distress it can cause for me in a personal level. And, I agreed with her perspective fully, especially after all of the feedback I've heard by tutors and students interpreting my concept wrongly

I had a long discussion with Georgia and proposed my other concept that I'm interested in exploring which was the first visualization I did of "Social Pressure And Desperation", and we worked out a way to blend that concept accordingly to this course and my own experience creating it. I expressed to Georgia how I'm worried about time, because I have only four weeks left until the end of this unit, and I need to create props, visualize an aesthetic, gather and contextualize garments for shoot, cast, organize a series of photo-shoots/visual experiments, include typography, edit and produce a publication in such a short timeline. And, she recommended that I draw a hierarchy chart of what I should prioritize for my publication and outcome and plan/ manage my time realistically and accurately. And, Georgia agreed with me that there's not enough time to achieve all of those elements within a project that has a short timeline, and that's why prioritizing my presentation is the key solution to this

  • Complete hierarchy task during the weekend
  • Re-write your proposal and make it about Social Pressure And Desperation
  • Gather new references and research contextual facts that will inform your project
  • Re-do the context chart, and the Venn Diagram for this particular project to help develop the writing and conceptualization of your new project. 

(Reaching The Superlunary) (Rejected Proposal) Reflection, 03/08/2018

After spending almost two weeks conceptualization my project, I decided to change the subject matter of it, to a theme and title that indicates more of my concept which is about social/economical pressure. And, of course social pressure can make people react and behave in any terms for form that are both cathartic and harmful. However, I wish to investigate a particular narrative within the category of social pressure, the main concept is going to be highlighting the issue of bankruptcy and how it can traumatically change the course of someone's life immediately. 

The rejected proposal for "Reaching The Superlunary" is attached below. And I personally believe that letting go of this concept and proposal is the right thing to do at this stage and time. Overwhelming, this concept is provoking, but it's also constantly perceived in a manner that I don't wish to tackle or get into at all. Therefore, I plan to re-consider my entire project and re-do my proposal, because that's the only way I can move forward and get rid of this unsuccessful concept

FullSizeRender (60).jpg.1 

FullSizeRender (61).jpg.1

(Reaching The Superlunary) Rejected Proposal

(Re-considering My Proposal And Concept) Reflection, 02/08/2018

Yesterday was quite a challenging day for me conceptually, because I had a final discussion about my current proposal with a tutor to sign it off, and it always seems to me that others are getting the message of my concept the wrong way, and there's this glorification that comes across as well from the sensitive matter I chose to explore "Suicide", during my lunch break I had to change my concept and reduce the negative connotations in it as I was researching aspects about it already, which is regarding under the glorification of suicide. 

I meant to provoke with my concept and theme but at the same time I don't aim for my message to get across the wrong way or offend as if I'm endorsing or supporting the idea of suicide. So, I eventually decided to make my concept strictly about the causes of suicide due to social and economical restriction. In order, to highlight and critique the negative aspect of our social and economical systems that can cause such a horrific act.

But, I plan to discuss my proposal again tomorrow with Georgia, so we can work out the issue that I'm facing at the moment. I feel a bit stuck with my concept and I already researched plenty of work and I don't want to disregard it at all. Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be resolved and I'll be able to sign off my proposalIn the meantime, I'm think of alternative solutions to for my issue.

  • Maybe I could go back to my first visualization and investigate it and propose it instead, because it's equally as interesting as the concept I chose earlier
  • Research visuals and social experiments that you could start experimenting with starting from tomorrow 

(Audience And Targeting) Reflection, 26/07/2018

Today we had a presentation that challenged our conception of where our work would be displayed and who would want it or purchase it

Which is a very realistic and helpful factor to consider deeply as an artist or a creative individual, because it helps you release who your audience. And, once you realize who your audience is you'll be able to target consumers and expand your base easily which eventually increases your profit, which is essential to any creative individual who's in the midst of a proudly competitive commercial market.

I'm considering and thinking about all of the slides I saw in the presentation carefully, and I plan to elaborately address these points in my proposal in a way that doesn't over shadow my concept, which I'm still exploring/ settling on

(Further Research And Contextualization On Unit 7) Reflection, 25/07/2018

Research was the main aspect behind today's activity. I met with the rest of my class today at the Central Saint Martin's library at King's Cross to further investigate and analyze the contextual aspects behind my work for unit 7 and how I see myself developing the research into my work. At first I gathered a few books titled, "Collectivism After Modernism(2007)", "The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (1991)", and It's "The Political Economy Stupid! 2013)", which are all listed and referenced on my research file, along side other books that I would consider developing further into my work contextually for Unit 7. Each book that I researched today at the library will be discussed elaborately on my research file.

  • Read the books and highlight specific matters in them that you aim to reference in your research file and merge into your visual work/sketchbook.

After my tutorial at the library with Alan, I was encouraged to wider and analyze my research deeper when it comes to appropriation and race (Visualization and concept two, The Collective And Perception), that's not only based off wealth or fantasies, it could be about race as well because these two are tied together very closely. However, I don't think that I would be able to take that advice into action. because I already decided on (Visualization and concept two, Reaching The Superlunary), so reaching race and appropriation wouldn't benefit the context of the particular visualization I choice to pursue a while ago

Later on during the day, I went to a talk at the Tate modern titled "Public, Private , Secret on Photography". The talk was extremely intriguing and civil, it discussed the major rule photography plays in politics, humanitarian issues and most importantly social media. It was a very interesting discussion and each writer on the book had a completely different outlook of photography and it's use in our day and age. I plan to research their discussion and upload it on my research file in detail and how it would impact my work. 

FullSizeRender (44).jpg.2.jpg

(Tate Modern, Talk about Public, Private, Secret On Photography & the Configuration of Self, 25/07/2018)

(Context Behind Concept) Reflection, 24/07/2018

Today was another day of thinking about our chosen concept, today was about understanding and creating more ideas surrounding the context behind our themes for unit 7. We're also given a presentation, which was very enriching contextually for me because we got to discuss so many different political and social angles to approach our projects with. And, We're were encouraged to think about a context behind our project. Whether it's political, social, economic or even personal. We were asked to think carefully about what we wanted to express with our unit 7 concept. As a person who is inspired by a lot of contextual matters behind any concept that I visualize I was profoundly excited to have this talk with tutors and further engage myself and think deeply about current issues that can be highlighted in conceptual art. At first, the day was a bit conflicting for me, because I was trying my very best to highlight the right and most appropriate concept for me to peruse, which is something I struggled with yesterday as well. After thinking about it again strategically and visually, I think that I'm going to develop my third visualization/concept titled "Reaching The Superlunary" into a complete unit 7 exploration, because it's the most interesting and exciting for me, creatively, and the others I asked who are close friends.

Due to my want to create a project that's engaging to others, I had to consider people's perception of what I was creating. And, after asking students with me in the course about what does my visualization communicate to them, everyone of them got a completely different context to what was the concept about, but eventually the common factor that they all spotted was the impulsive sexual tension and fantasy in the imagery. I had another tutorial today in where I asked my tutors which visualization was the most interesting for them, and each one of them said that the topics are interesting overall, however, the main feedback I got from them was that it's completely up to me to select the right concept that interests me the most for this unit.

Personally, I thought about communicating a struggle of some sort that's highly reflective on our current social and economical systems, but with a flair of fantasy and rebellion to what's perceived to be conventional. I'm still on a journey of finding that out. I want to channel a narrative that's consistent and clear, but conceptual at the same time. I aim to explore a social and economic struggle in our day and age that can cause a retaliation that's as extreme as death, but I need to find something that's artistically expressive and not too sensitive to any culture or group of people. 

  • Research political and economical matters that you're interested in
  • Have your own personal perspective as a communicating as aspect of any social or political matter that you wish to explore

(Tutorial with KT), Reflection 23/7/18

Today in my tutorial with Karen we established my interest of in my third visualization the most, which is titled "Reaching The Superlunary", I really want to add an edge and a realistic factor to this concept other than just sex or fantasies, I want to highlight real issues, economical and political and effect billions around the world. But in the same time, I want to blend this factor into my idea of reaching the superlunary which means reaching a higher world. Nevertheless, my tutorial with Karen was incredibly helpful and she referenced many artists and aesthetics that blend into my concept and she encouraged me to look into them more. But quite frankly, I'm not sure if that is the project that I want to pursue fully for the next 5 to 4 weeks. 

Because my approach to it is meant to be secular and blasphemous but many don't interpret that and instead portray my work as religious, naive or childish, which is not a place I want for my work at all.

  • Fully decide what project and you want to explore and start researching immediately 
  • Research a wide range of sources artistic, informative, political, economical, social etc..

FullSizeRender (62).jpg

Display Of Outcome And Final Presentation

After testing out my projected content with the space, I can simply say that I was ecstatic looking at my work being displayed in such a massive and exclusive space. This was my first time projecting my work into a space for an outcome or an audience to interact with all at once. I believe that the idea I had turned out to be quite successful in it's presentation and approach specially to the fashion visual based narrative that've created for this unit that has to be slided visually in order for it to be absorbed accordingly, through typography and changing sliding times.

And it was very important for me to visualize and test out this idea, because I won't be able to display my outcome as I wish in the exhibition, so this was my only change to truly experience my developed idea of presentation within my own projected and private space. I aim to create a visualization of a landscape shot I took of the installation from a far, I wish to collage individuals within that space, so that my idea of interaction can be communicated visually and clearly for this project. 


Visualization Part of the final.jpg.1

Final Poem Written for Film and Photo-story titled "Circulating Capital"


(1000+ Words) Final Evaluation for Unit 7 (First Draft) (Minimise and reduce your text)

The beginning of this unit was profoundly challenging for me, especially when it was about selecting a concept that I felt strongly connected to. I came up with three concepts, each of which were highly political but only one of them had an element of fantasy that was a bit misleading, so I decided not develop it any further. Nevertheless, after spending almost two weeks struggling to pick a concept that I connected with, I eventually settled for my first visualization which was about economical and financial shifts of our capitalist societies and how they can effect someone's entire lifestyle. And I had the urge to experiment with people socially and see how they could cope with the idea of losing everything that they own. Looking back at what've written for my final project proposal is such an interesting realization, because I truly experimented and explored every aspect that I listed on the proposal without any changes,. Symbolism became the strongest element of the entire project that I relayed on in terms of story. The project developed greatly through my research process. My starting research points were very contextual and text based articles/books about the economy, our global financial system and various other social topics about desperation, class and suicide, but as a started creating, researching artists from my discipline who tackled similar topics and started collaging visualizations, the project became fully developed contextually and visually.

The most important element of this project was the conceptualization process of the publication, because I was tackling so many issues within my theme that are broad and challenging to simplify which made it difficult for me to select and develop a specific part of my concept, so I had to overcome that challenge by finding a way to merge all of the issues into one piece.

I developed my idea through various mediums and elements of research and experimentation, I used a lot of collage making, to visualize the aesthetic and the social shift of the concept that I had in mind. Film making and primary interviews of other people's perception and experience with losing everything was a very defining moment for me that enriched the context and symbolism of my publication and chosen concept. Research is rooted in my future discipline, Creative Direction for Fashion which means that most of the concepts and ideas I come up have to be supported by research. And luckily, I'm a person who's consistently inspired by external sources wether they're primary or secondary, so being able to link to references to each stage of my project was not a challenge, but an enjoyable experience. Reflections are very helpful for me in terms of planning, I plan and describe most of what I do in my reflective journal instead of my sketchbook, because I view my sketchbook to be a testing space for my ideas and not a description of what I'm thinking about or doing, I prefer doing that separately in my reflective journal instead of my sketchbook. Which helps me think and develop points for my project that I can look back to and grow from in terms of achieving planned goals.

My outcome is a photo-story, a companied by a short fashion film as a continuation, which comments on desperation caused by harsh capitalism and social disruption which are both depicted in this publication. Various props in styling and space are created to subvert the expected role of fashion communication to present a serious social issue. The styling and photography reference heroin chic and various other forms of visual desperation through the human form, the images portray the shift of wealth and trying to hold on to the wealth that has been eradicated by our global financial system and the pain of bankruptcy/poverty, while trying to either cope or self harm. I've already created visualization of the installation that I planned for my photo story and film to be displayed with in a pop-up store that would sell niche copies of my photo-story and film along side some of the props such as the plastic and plaster headpieces. The pop store would be targeting young viewers from 17 to 35, the pop-store must be located somewhere in East London possibly Shoreditch where artistic audiences can be targeted.

I've made various visualization using collage, film and photography tests to get an idea of how my visuals will progress through symbolism. Creating different props and gathering garments that communicates the shift and contrast of my concept was very essential. In that regard, I used materials throughout the project such as blue velvet, silk, red wine, plastic, metal and more to symbolize a space and a form, but the dominant medium that I was working on was film and photography. I used a blurred technique of photographing and filming from a screen to give a vintage and worn out look that's not usually seen in fashion imagery. I would use noise and purples black and white tones at time to achieve a more dark and morbid flair of certain parts of my concept such as desperation and suicide. And, for typography and layout I kept my presentation very minimal with an not distracting off white background and bold mini pro font. Poetry was also an effective communication method of this outcome that I used to symbolize our global financial economy metaphorically through terminologies such as capital and shifts. Time management and planning is a very essential part of my discipline that this course helped me develop strongly. I was able to construct a time plan each week. Which managed my time accordingly. The most difficult part of this entire project was simplifying and not having enough time to explore the subject matter in even greater depth, due to the fact the I didn't settle in this concept earlier and I had to change my concept completely. However, I overcome those difficulties by spending time at home on weekends to get more references for my project. I believe, the photo-story I've done is the most successful element of this project, I was always on a journey of experimenting and exploring different parts of my project, which was such a rewarding experience for me to witness. Mainly what this unit have prepared me for in my future is to engage others into my own perspective and being able to critique my work and display it to others confidently. This course prepared me for researching maturely and effectively on any topic I wish to explore. I'm overall pleased with the experience of this course, it helped me grow as a creative person.

Exhibition Poster Option #2 (Change lower text and description for project)

Exhibition Poster Option #1

(Typography and Development Of Storyboard) Reflection, 30/08/2018

Today I was finalizing the edit for my photo-story and was experimenting with typography simplistic mini pro and wrapped samples. At first, I thought about not using any typography for my photo story or film, because visually the work speaks for itself self. However, after thinking about my decision carefully I considered the poems that wrote for the film and publication and their artistic value for my publication to communicate clearer and more effectively to an audience. So I decided to add screenshots of the writing I did for the film, and to include minimal mini pro texts to each transition of my photo-story. Each text in the photo-story highlights the progression of the narrative poetically, as I wrote it myself. 

Also, I just had a quick tutorial about my final poster and choice for layout, I enhanced the previous text that've made and I plan to select the right images that will fit will the temple and formate that I was given and record it as I ago and reflect on it on my work flow. 

Unfortunately the photographer Alix was not able to photograph my installation/ presentation today. However, I got hold of the work myself and photographed the installation clearly, I just need to add a visualization to it with people interacting with the space, and then my project will be fully completed. 


1 copy.jpg


Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 14.45.50.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 15.29.42.png

(Technicalities of images and layout), Reflection 29/08/2018

These are screenshot of the editing process I did to complete the images for the photostory and film, I experimented with the layout of my outcome based off the collage visualizations that I did earlier after the on Thursday photoshoot I did for the first and second part of my publication d narrative which highlights a shift of wealth. I'm thinking about separating the texts from the imagery and almost giving the imagery it's own platform through symbolism and text that follows up to an image.  instead of typing the text into the images.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 12.58.02.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 13.11.38.png

(Editing And Presentation of final outcome) Reflection, 28/08/2018

Today I spent most of my day photoshopping my layout for the photo-story and then we went to a writing workshop that informs the development of our poster's texts and their drafts. 

 Later on, I started building the final presentation for my outcome that I've been planning and sketch since last week. I wanted to document my final presentation as a visualization and documented space.  

  • complete the edit for your photo-story so you could project it as well by tomorrow
  • get the installation done tomorrow 
  • get the installation photographed professionally 
  • and reflect on your final presentation process

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.57.16 PM.png

(Photoshoot Day And Selection of imagery) Reflection, 24/08/2018

Today was even more intensive day than yesterday! I had to complete three consistent photoshoot sets, and engage in a student forum. At first I was facing a major problem with the location I chose for my installation, because I was told by the guard that there was a class there, but luckily I got another minimal and plain white location set up on the second floor, so that issue was solved easily. I planned to style and fit the models carefully before the shoot, so styling them was not a challenging experience before the shoot, everything went as smooth as planned. 

The photographer Alix was a joy to work with! My direction sketches and notes for the shoot were taken very accordingly, and the models were very fast track with my direction objects, so overall the first part of the publication worked very well. The second part of my publication though, of the post bankruptcy experience was the most exciting because I got to shoot and direct a model by myself after our set with Alix, and I got to collaborate with the photographer outdoors again after our first collaboration. I also managed to direct my fellow collaborators who were doing hair and makeup by showing them references of heroin Chic and the exact look that I wanted for the publicationAfter the shoot I immediately printed out a contact sheet of all of the photographs that I Alex took of us. After I printed the contact sheet I started selecting and circling around the images that I wish to develop further using collage and photoshop/layout.

  • Start editing and thinking about the final display of your publication carefully for your final submission. 
  • Decide a final form of how you want to display the work when it's all completed

FullSizeRender 33.jpg

(Makeup And Styling Before The Shoot), Reflection, 23/08.208

The makeup is deliberately inspired by the movement of heroin chic from the mid and late 1990s, to highlight my concept of bankruptcy being the new heroin chic. We used a mixture of dark blue, purple and red eye shadow to achieve the tone the we got around underneath our eyes.

With the help of Maggie I was able to complete the looks of myself and the models immediately. To test out how they would look, and recreate the same makeup during the shoot. Which was a very rewarding experience since both of us are Creative direction students and are meant to constantly collaborate for outcomes. 


(Narrative of Storyboard And Concept For Photostory) Reflection, 22/08/2018

Photo-story Description and visual narrative for shoot; sitting comfortably in privilege symbols of privilege, disrupted privilege (transition of space from a silky installation to hanged bins resembling bankruptcy and the edge of poverty with a silk throne being replaced with black plastic bins. The female model reacts with numbness and pain resembling adaptation and connoting the notion of poverty being the heroin of this concept.

The guy wanders in the space that he used to own but instead of getting his wealthy items all it is that he could see are hanged plastic bins. He desperate in the sink, tries to pass on it, but he can't seem to get there. And he commits various forms of self harm, mainly suicide. 

The last model is coping to reality and poverty. He held on to the wealth to the best of his abilities and he can't seem to let it go. Poverty is wearing him out and he's holding on to the last bits of wealth that he can still maintain legally (Silk). But he still coped and made something out of it, which resembles and links back to my social experiments of people coping with loss and nothing within a space and restricted sources of wealth or even basic needs such as food and water etc...

Storyboard for concept behind shoot and photo-story.

FullSizeRender (91).jpg.1

Conceptualizing Final poses and gestures for the shoot by pre-planning the direction of the models and set before the shoot on Thursday.

FullSizeRender 31.jpg

Reflection, 21/08/2018

Today I completed all of the points I highlighted my yesterday's reflection of completing the metal installation, buying the fabric and sewing the metal object into the fabric to complete a minimal installation for my first shoot for the publication. 

Nevertheless, I had to test the installation within a white space that would only reflect and highlight my installation and other props. So, I tried to find spaces within the Archway campus that will help me abstain that matter. I found a few spots that I displayed my installation in, which are quite interesting. However, I must choose one particular location before my first shoot on Thursday. But now that my location is sorted I have to gather the rest of my props which are wine glasses and expensive shoes(COMMENTING ON MATERIALISM, WARHOL REFERENCE ON MY RESEARCH FILE) that are valuable for each model. And for the meantime, I would also start styling and fitting the garments into the models. 

  • By tomorrow complete a storyboard and sketches of how the first part of your publication will be narrated visually, but be figurative and metaphorical nothing too literal. 
  • Style your models and test out the poses in your chosen location before your shoot for tomorrow. 
  • After the contextual practice session make sure that you collage the styling of the models into your sketchbook. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 09.56.49.jpg

(Changing the layout and scale of images in poster after group feed back) Reflection, 23/08/2018

After hearing the feed back of my peers and tutors during the critique over the interim posters, I decided to print out the updated version of the interim poster and stick it on my sketch while annotating what I changed about it and how it improved visually. 

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

Reflection, 20/08/2018

Today worked out smoothly as I planned at first, I set out a plan to strategize my day. The plan was to create visualizations in my sketchbook that highlight the particular part of the concept using symbolism, objects and fashion. I sketched out a few ideas for the minimal installation that I wish to showcase as a prop for the first part of my photoshoot took inspiration from economical curves, minimal art and symbolism through materialism such shoes and wine. After planning and sketching for the installation, I went to the metal workshop to construct the shape I aim to use for the inner structure of the installation. The making of the metal shaped lasted all afternoon. 

  • By tomorrow I aim to drill holes on the metal object to I can hang it on the wall. And finish off the sharp edges of the metal piece. 
  • Buy a 7m polyester black fabric from Holloway road that's silky, so it would resemble wealth and merge with the garments.
  • Sew the fabric into the metal piece so it would hang as an installation and prop.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 09.47.07.jpg

(Installation Development and selection) Reflection, 25/08/2018

These are sketches and Ideas I did to highlight the development and the planning process of my installation. I was inspired by the curves seen in economical graphs I took from a book referenced in my file and biblography for this project titled "It's The Politicial Economy, Stupid." and I added a figurative element to it by covering it up with silk so the shape would only be highlighted on the edges of the installation, but wouldn't be literal or obvious that the shape is inspired by an economical graph curve. I was thinking of the props while I was sketching and developing the right idea for the first part of my shoot from a wide selection of other shapes and ideas I came up with as well of changing the location and using a luxurious chair within  or next to a worn out bin. I aim to select a firm idea out of those experiments and start creating the installation from Monday morning.

  • Select a firm idea by tonight
  • Produce your first installation for the photoshoot

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 13.10.49.jpg  

Interim Poster (First Draft) (Before Updated Version)

(Planning for garments in the shoot) Reflection, 17/08/2018

Today was quite a challenging day, because I had a lot to get on with for my project, such as editing my social experiments that've shot previously and turning them into still frames for experimentation purposes
But before I started doing that this morning I was given a sheet that indicates my body planning process for my shoot, but I was only given 10 mins to complete it so the diagram and sketch were extremely rushed and not detailed. However, I got the task done regardless. 

Later on after lunch I decided to go to the stitch workshop and discuss with the fashion tutor how I can develop my idea/garment into an installation and to the standard that I want for my publication. And, I plan to complete a structured piece that can be used as both an installation and a garment. It will highlight restriction behind bars which is what a lot of people face if they can't pay their debt, that's only if they didn't harm themselves before being locked behind bars. Moreover, I do see myself using another garment done by a following student in this course that links and matches my aesthetic for the second shoot, which mainly highlights poverty. The fashion student I aim to collaborate with for this particular idea might be either is Vera or Stephanie, maybe? But, I'm quite sure yet if I would be using their designs into my own work.

FullSizeRender (98).jpg

Reflection, 16/08/2018

I was quite pleased with the way the head piece looked like on a model. I'm considering to use this workshop experiment/ reference to Hussein Chalayan's F/W 2018 for one of the shoots I'm going to do for the publication. Which, connotes wealth before the shift of privilege and the down fall to poverty. Nevertheless, I plan to add laces to the headpiece and store it safely until my first photoshoot for the publication

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.59.36 PM.png

Reflection, 16/08/2018

Workshops were the ultimate highlight of my day, I managed to complete two different experiments out of each workshop today.

I started off the day sketching out and illustrating different ideas for the two headpieces I wanted to create, I did a series of illustrations on my sketch book and I developed and selected only one idea for this workshop.

FullSizeRender (90).jpg

I aim of constructing a plastic piece inspired by my worn aesthetic of poverty that is usually glamorized and appropriated by high cultures as a form of "channeling minimalism and textures". I constructed the shape of the piece using the equipments in the workshop including the oven and heat gun to design the right facial structure into the plastic headpiece. The first 30 mins of making the piece was challenging, because it was difficult to craft the right curve for someone's face using a heat gun without ruining the neatness of the plastic. But, eventually I started using the oven instead, and it immediately solved the issue of crafting the right shape for the piece. 

I aim to add laces into the headpiece so it would stand on the models face. Part of creative direction for me, is looking after and planning the styling, garments, setting and so on for an artistic and conceptual appeal, that's my way of keeping the aesthetic of the entire shoot under my control. However, for now, I plan to place the piece on a model's face to test out the structure and appeal of the headpiece and decide either to take it further into my shoot or not. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.01.13 PM.png

(Development of visual desperation through collage and primary imagery), Reflection, 14/08/2018

I was greatly inspired by the social experiments I've done using film, in where several individuals I shot were extremely connective in terms of showcasing emotions through the human form and performance. I was influenced by their reactions and that's why I decided to create a self-portrait visualization of me through the use of collage to develop the poses and visual symbolism that I wish to enrich and constantly reference in my publication.

  • Highlight and plan for your photo-story a segment of desperation mainly involving the human body preferably just one person, so that the tension of the image will fully be shown throw him.  

FullSizeRender (83).jpg

(Illustrations) Consideration of styling for first shoot of the publication (connote wealth through texture and props), Reflection, 14/08/2018

Today I spend most of my evening considering the garments of the publication which will connote wealth in the publication. while I was styling and illustrating Idea I thought of creating an avant-garde plastic headpiece inspired by Hussein Chalayn's F/W 2018 Fashion show, and blend it into the styling of the first shoot I have in mind. I plan to cast models by next week for these looks. I already have a firm belief that Bo and Anna are going to eventually be by models for this shoot, so we can showcase a diverse struggle through the imagery, I will still consider asking others and testing out some of my garments on them, but only if I had time, if I'm being realistic and logical on time management.

FullSizeRender final styling.jpg

Third And Second Social Experiment, Reflection, 14/08/2018

The third experiment highlight realization and desperation that one feels immediately after loss. The model walks around a space, hits her head against the wall and sticks it in the sink resembling a drowning person. Opens the window and puts half of her upper body out trying to escape reality. And, lastly she just wonders around her space feeling stuck and trapped due to her unknowingness and fear of what's going to come. But it's intriguing to be why the first reaction she did when I informed her about the content of this experiment is to harm herself, which is a reality that occurred to being individuals who got bankrupt during the global financial crisis in 2008 due to them trying to escape the poverty they will face or even being thrown behind bars, which is a common sentence to individuals who are bankrupt and have no assests. I aim to do an interview investigating the causes behind self harm and what leads people to that and investigate desperation through symbolism communicates through the human form. 
The four and final social experiment is the final cycle of bankruptcy and poverty that people navigate to when in that situation, which is adaption to loss, and inhuman conditions of life. I took the same model I used for experiment #3 to highlight an alternative reaction to her bankruptcy instead of self harm or suicide. Instead, I wanted to highlight adaptation and holding on to what has passed and been destroyed as a continuation to the third experiment she still has the garment she was wearing within her constructed space when she knew about her bankruptcy. Nevertheless, I wish to develop the concept of adaption and holding on to previous possessions as a commentary for my publication

Third Social Experiment (Self-harm And Disruption)

Second Social Experiment (Desperation and Numbness)

(Social Experimentation) Reflection, 13/08/2018

These are the set locations for the 4 social experiments that I plan to complete by containing individuals by taking everything that they own and value and telling that they have nothing but useless and invaluable objects within a restricted space. I would keep them within a space and see how they would behave

These are the invaluable objects that I selected for the experiment. I wanted the objects to represent poverty and lost of wealth. I wanted objects that highlighted a connotation of lower capitalist items that can immediately define someone's class and social status. The main aim of these experiments were to explore the reaction of privileged individuals when they feel vulnerable by money, through bankruptcy and loss of money and how they could handle that in a harsh capitalist environment

My other aim was to gain inspiration for my publication by conceptualizing poses, reactions, techniques and different influential elements that could develop the narrative and political aesthetic for this concept. 

FullSizeRender (80).jpg

Locations for Social Experiments

FullSizeRender (81).jpg

Objects And Props Used In Social Experiment.

Reflection, 10/08/2018

These are screenshots of my process editing the visuals of the film, and highlighting my concept through technical skills. I used various tones of black and white through a vintage 70s flair by recording the film from another camera through the screen with a touch of noise, to complete the aesthetic of this workshop outcome. And I was quite experimental with my layout throughout the film. As I previously planned I used the prop/sample I did which is a stitched piece of plastic with silky polyester

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.00.32 PM.png

Reflection, 09/07/2018

I did quick props and styling outcomes that I planned a day ahead of the workshop task "Do It in a day". I used a contrasting element of leather and plastic, silk and trashbags to highlight a clear juxtaposition of class, and holding on to what's gone or no longer there. 

  • I aim to use these objects to communicate and highlight the pain of poverty in the film
  • Create a contrast of unusual materials and blend all together as a response and an experiment on my previous texture based contextual practice session about objects. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.00.47 PM.png

(Textile Prop/Sample) Reflection, 09/08/2018

These are the quick tests I've done using textiles. I wanted to combine the contrasting elements of my project, which is the merge of wealth and poverty. I wanted to stitch black silky polyester (wealth) with plastic bags collected from different sources and place such as Tesco (fast capitalism), black garbage bags (poverty). It's an interesting experiment that I might develop further into garments or textures that are going to be shown in the publication. Or I could also use the sample as a prop in the film the I plan to make by tomorrow in the make it in a day workshop.

  • Plan the props you will use for tomorrow workshop task 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.01.35 PM.png

Reflection, 09/08/2018

Today, I spent the day creating material samples for my publication's narrative and aesthetic. I sewed plastic bags on polyester that resembles silk, to create a visual contrast of class and products. After I completed my samples, I was able to reference garments from particular collections and do illustrations that visualize the garments I wish to include in the publication. The garments, I will illustrate will all be provided by a tailor, I'm in direction of the aesthetic, color, materials and visualization of the garments and the only collaborative aspect of the outfits is the execution of it. Hopefully, by the end of this week, I'll gather the garments from the tailor and do the fittings on the models after I cast them. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.02.09 PM 2.png

Contextual Practice My Own Notes, Reflection, 08/08/2018

In my own notes I analyze and comment on the contrast of the two materials and how I'm linking them together to symbolically communicate a portrayal of bankruptcy and still trying to hold on to wealth in the midst of poverty. And using Heroin Chic as a movement that influenced the styling and posing of desperation that's showcased throughout the visuals of this project.  

Merged Texture Of Plastic With Polyester And A Blue Velvet




(Primary Visualizations) Reflection, 09/08/2018

As I previously planned for today I aimed to further visualize and develop the visuals of my project and it's concept further, so I took primary images of places in Shoreditch and Archway. And collaged them with primary images of myself and another model (Larisa) in where I styled before the image. I wanted to highlight our self-harming conditions and reactions to bankruptcy mainly from our faces/ expressions. I aim to create more visualization and collages the symbolize and visualize the core of my concept, which's how would one adapt to bankruptcy and losing everything that they value

FullSizeRender (76).jpg

Visualization #1

FullSizeRender (77).jpg

Visualization #2

(Contextual Practice) Reflection, 08/08/2018

Our contextual practice for the day was based off materials that we aim or plan to use for our outcome. We had to explore, analyzing and investigate the objects, which was a similar practice to what've done for the drawing/ performance object based session, and the sketchbook task I set for myself yesterday. Therefore, when I had to analyze and study the objects in front of me, I didn't find them challenging at all, instead I found them quite exciting. I brought several objects that link to my publication but the two particular objects I chose for Natasha to analyze were the merged plastic on polyester textile experiment and the blue velvet sample I brought. Because I wanted to give a settle hint of the contrast behind my project, and also hand over objects to her that were a bit challenging to investigate and justify. 

We had to swipe position with other people who got objects for their project. I was given Alice's materials which were glass and a plastic bag. Her objects were really easy to analyze because I'm conscious of them daily and I understand their origin.

Contextual Practice.jpg

(Completed Visualization) Reflection, 06/08/2018

I completed the task that I planned for myself which was creating a visualization through the use of collage with references to highlight the contrast that I'm trying to blend of wealth and poverty. I aim to create more visualization that will indicate the aesthetic that I want more clearly. And, because of that I aim to reference the desperation of Heroin Chic more closely to give it a more dominate effect on the visualizations, flair and styling of this project

FullSizeRender (73).jpg

(First Action Making Plan) Reflection, 06/08/2018

Today we we're given our first action making plan, which is a very helpful and effective method of organizing, especially for me as creative direction student. This week and next week my schedule is going to be insanely intense if I don't plan it accordingly, and I believe that I did when I was given this sheet. I aim to complete everything that's listed on my action plan accurately each day

FullSizeRender (72).jpg

(Submitted) (Final Proposal for Unit 7), 06/08/2018

(Contextual Practice) Reflection, 01/08/2018

Today during our contextual practice we were experimenting with a creative method titled a context map and Venn diagram that balances our work and discipline. I was a bit confused with the method at first, it seemed way too academic and simplistic for me to categorize what I do, I couldn't narrow down my concept in simplistic form or within a small space, so I eventually tried to fit the method into my practice by not writing all of my references and instead of writing a long description about my concept I just wrote suicide, afterlife and a secular paradise. Which is still complex but it highlights my defining points clearly. Nevertheless, the exercise was really effective to my proposal enhancement plan that I aim to complete after my visa workshop this afternoon. During the practice Georgia mentioned a point regarding our proposal saying "Stating two artists is a must for the proposal in order to define and indicate your discipline." 

And, I'm glad that she informed me about that during the lesson because I do need to reference more artists that are directly tied to my discipline within my work. So, I aim to complete that by tonight, so that my proposal would be ready to get signed off by Thursday. 

FullSizeRender (63).jpg

(Visual Research On Concept) Reflection, 31/07/2018

Today I spent most of my morning considering visual starting points for my project through primary research. And the other half of my day enhancing my proposal and changing elements of it. As I mentioned in my previous reflection on Monday I was struggling to minimize my concept and be realistic considering the timeline that I have till the end of this project. So, I'm thinking about fully focusing on the methods and causes of suicide due to social and economical factors in our reality and what happens to who committed the act after they die, do they reach a place that provides them with all of the fantasies that they couldn't find in their lifetime? The media I'm choosing for this concept is rooted in my discipline for creative direction for fashion, which is fashion and visual communication. 

During lunch break I decided to leave the Archway campus and to head off to the King's Cross campus and spend my afternoon in the CSM library to research my concept in depth and different context. I ended up investigating many visual books that highlight my concept, however some of them didn't but they were too aesthetically appealing in a morbid or blasphemous form that I had to reference them. In fact, the main reason behind my visit to the CSM library is to investigate my concept visually more than contextually. However, during my visit the most important book for me to look at wasn't there, titled "The Art Of Suicide", which caused a bit of a problem for me. But I plan to reserve the book to be delivered to the CSM library for the next time I get there. Other books that I found visually and contextually appealing such as "Death", and "Blasphemous; Art That Offends" are scanned and attached to this reflection.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 12.00.14 AM.jpg.1

Ades, Dawn; Charnley, Clare, 1949-; Kite, Roger; Lloyd, Richard; Purdue, Freya; Cambridge Darkroom;Kettle's Yard Gallery., Death, Cambridge : Cambridge Darkroom : (1988)

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 11.36.08 PM.png.1

Plate, S. Brent, 1966-, Blasphemy : art that offends, Black Dog Publishing, (2006)

(Submission Of First Draft And Tutorial) Reflection, 30/07/2018

Today I submitted the first draft of my proposal, and I was given helpful feedback for it as well. Earlier on I was struggling a bit with simplifying the core of each paragraph, so my solution to that was to write a lot in a form that might appear repetitive. After my tutorial I was asked to write less in my proposal, which is something I aim to do. The tutorial was profoundly helpful during I was advised to look up several other artists listed on the sheet and he suggested multiple references for me such as "Heroine Chic" and the film "The Virgin Suicides." 

But at the same time, I'm thinking about just making my project strictly about several forms of suicide and not imagining or depicting an ethereal world after their death. I'm quite conflicted about my final visualization for this project, but hopefully by tomorrow I'll sort out my final decision after conceptualization my visuals for the project. 

FullSizeRender (64).jpg

(Tutorial with KT), Reflection 27/07/18

After my previous tutorial with Karen, I had to approach her again about several ideas I developed that would give my concept of the sublime more edge and a realistic aesthetics that's depicted from realistic fetishes and matters of suicide and death. I want to address a contrast and juxtaposition with my visuals and I believe that adding explicit imagery referencing sex and death within a sublime environment/ aesthetic would be the appropriate contrast. 

She advised me to not address suicide and fantasy together, because they can be taken and seen the wrong way easily as something else as horrific as martyrdom. 

However, I told her that my intention was not to address  that matter in the slightest due to the fact that this entire approach and perspective I'm addressing is completely secular and blasphemous to any Abrahamic religion. Moreover, she gave me incredible references that I will look up and consider for adding a subculture aesthetic to my concept of reaching the sublime. 

FullSizeRender (65).jpg

(Selecting A Concept For Unit 7) Reflection, 23/07/2018

Today we were presenting our ideas to tutors, and discussing which concept we should take further into what we created out of the three visualizations we had to come up with. At first I really struggled to find the right concept for me to explore, I thought that all of them were interesting to me to engage and know more about. But, at the same time some of them were really difficult to communicate visually, which is not a positive element for me as a creative direction student that's demanded to complete a complex project within the timeline of four weeks

FullSizeRender (68).jpg

Social Pressure And Desperation:

The three concepts I created were highly regarding social and political matters that reflect on our current political systems and how we perceive each other as people, historically and contemporarily. The first concept is about social pressure, shifts and desperation through visual imagery, symbolism and factual references. Why are we oppressed by our global financial system? It explores the pressure of economic restriction (hash capitalism), and the lost of purpose/emptiness that comes with it, which are factors capable of shutting us all down. I want to examine/respond to the issue of today’s harsh, social, and economical treatment of others, and how we are neglected as human beings.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 1.39.49 AM.png

Collectivism And Perception:

The second concept is about collectivism and individuality and how Africans and the orient are looked at collectively as a representation of a particular lifestyle, contemporarily through the media in the west and public perception, and historically through orientalism. The concept is strictly about challenging a collective perspective that's mainly believed in the west. It questions why are minorities are looked at us a representation of an entire collective group and not as individuals.

FullSizeRender (71).jpg

Reaching The Superlunary:

The third concept is titled "Reaching The Superlunary", which would be a serious of images, garments and poems that highlight the state of being ethereal, in a fantasy oriented place that resembles my personal fantasies and other people's personal fantasies as well. And as I explore and create all of these fantasies, I plan to investigate the particular causes mainly political and economical behind suicide. And the romanticism or glorification of suicide through imagery and contextual sources that's seen in fine art, historically and contemporarily. So much of this concept is about retrieving naturalism in a contemporary sense, and celebrating it's purpose by challenging the status quo. What stopped you from finding heaven on earth ? 

Overall, I still didn't make a firm decision about which concept I will develop further into my unit 7 practice, but nevertheless, I believe that I will eventually make a decision by tomorrow

(Completing Three Visualization for Final Selection) (Unit 7) Reflection, 22/07/2018

Although today is a sunday I still thought about my concept and I completed three visualizations that highlight different matters that are political, social, economical and philosophical. I'm currently refining each concept and I plan to elaborately describe my three concepts in my next reflection on Monday to highlight and decide on what I want to do for this unit. I'm profoundly excited for this project and I plan to develop it even further once I finalize all my concepts tomorrow. 

(Our First Introduction to Unit 7) Reflection, 19/07/2018

Today we were introduced to our extend and final project on this course titled "Unit 7", we were challenged in terms of themes, the tutors were pointing out mistakes done by students in the past, such as chosing sensless and uninteresting concepts that have been done a million times or copying one artists throughout the entire project. Personally, I agreed making art should be an interesting and interactive activity with either depth or irony not conformity and superficial reproduction of meaningless/ "pretty things" in terms of concept or approach. And that's why I tend to connect with art that's personal and not commercial, so I can relate it more. Moreover, we were asked to start thinking about the proposal that we're going to write for our final project before the 30th of July.  I'm looking forward to exploring and producing an outcome that's not on short notice or in a specific brief, but something that's fully liberating and under my creative control from scratch

After the brief, we were asked to be divided into different groups, my group was the graphic communication group, and we were discussing and challenging social issues to bump up our creative thoughts such as suitability and social media. After the discussion we were asked to write ideas on notes and share them with each other, which really helped me get inspired and feel focused about the concept I'm still constructing. Today was a very creative and exciting session, and I look forward to developing more ideas as I start researching. I can't wait to start this project off and fully focus on my discipline and areas of interests for 5 weeks non-stop. This project is the ideal experience and freedom that've excepted and been waiting to pursue when I decided to live abroad and study. I plan to experiment with three potential concepts and chose/develop one by Monday. 

  • Create three visualizations based off research 
  • Research three topics that can be enriching for your topic when you start conceptualizing imagery
  • Make sure that you have an interest and great knowledge for them so you can start exploring immediately

FullSizeRender (27).jpg.2.jpg