Collection: Part 3

Reflective Journal

Reflection, 16/08/2018, Contextual Practice Session.

In our contextual practice session we're asked to bring a piece of text wether it's an article, book, essay, poem or indeed any piece of writing for analyzing. 

I brought 3 double spreads from a book I read to conceptualize my unit 7 theme. The book is titled "it's the political economy, stupid!" I find it interesting how my group was criticizing the fact that my essays were too factual and informative to analyze, when in fact that helps them gather a commentary on the issue which revolves our economies and systems. 

The most interesting piece I got to analyze is a song by Marina and the diamonds titled "sex", the song was about female empowerment throughout generation and how it's portrayed today. Which was an interesting fact about the song that didn't come to my mind immediately when I read the chorus for the song. The other piece I read was an email about a city being overcrowded, it was informative and interesting, so I eventually ended up forming an opinion about the issue and how it can cause crime and poverty. 

The practice was quite helpful, and I aim to add the analytical notes written by my partners to my research file, typically where the book "it's the political economy stupid!" Is displayed. 

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Reflection, 10/08/2018 "Circulating Capital"

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This is a short poem that I typed during the workshop session this friday in order to enhance the conceptual meaning behind my short visual film experiment for this unit. The poem was inspired by my concept highlighting the struggle of harsh capitalism and how it can shift a person's entire state of being and power within society.

Reflection, 01/08/2018

 These are screenshots of my process editing the visuals of the film, and highlighting my concept through technical skills. I used various tones of black and white through a vintage 70s flair with a touch of noise, to complete the aesthetic of this workshop outcome. And I was quite experimental with my layout throughout the film.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 14.37.17.png Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 15.31.37.png

Reflection, 10/07/2018

These are the quick props, I planned for a day before the workshop task. I used a contrasting element of leather and plastic, silk and trashbags to highlight a clear juxtaposition of class.

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Contextual Practice Natasha's notes

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Reflection, 08/08/2018 (Contextual Practice)

Our contextual practice for the day was based off materials that we aim or plan to use for our outcome. We had to explore, analyzing and investigate the objects, which was a similar practice to what've done for the drawing/ performance object based session. Therefore, when I had to analyze and study the objects infront of me, I didn't find them challenging at all, instead I found them quite exciting. I brought several objects that link to my publication but the two particular objects I chose for Natasha to analyze were the merged plastic on polyester textile experiment and the blue velvet sample I brought. Because I wanted to give a settle hint of the contrast behind my project, and also hand over objects to her that were a bit challenging to investigate and justify. 

We had to swipe position with other people who got objects for their project. I was given Alice's materials which were glass and a plastic bag. Her objects were really easy to analyze because I'm daily conscious of them and I understand their origin.

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Display two final out comes on Figure

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Reflection, 07/08/2018

Workshops were the ultimate highlight of my day, I managed to complete three different experiments out of each workshop today! 
I started off the day constructing a plastic piece inspired by my concept and Hussein Chalayan. I constructed the shape of the piece using the equipments in the workshop including the oven and heat gun to design the right facial structure into the plastic headpiece. The first 30 mins of making the piece was challenging, because it was difficult to craft the right curve for someone's face using a heat gun without ruining the neatness of the plastic. But, eventually I started using the oven instead, and it immediately solved the issue of crafting the right shape for the piece. 

I aim to add laces into the headpiece so it would stand on the models face. Part of creative direction for me, is looking after and planning the styling, garments, setting and so on for an artistic and conceptual appeal, that's my way of keeping the aesthetic of the entire shoot under my control. However, for now, I plan to place the piece on a model's face to test out the structure and appeal of the headpiece. 

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Reflection, 06/08/2018

These are the quick tests I've done using textiles in the stitching workshop. I wanted to combine the contrasting elements of my project, which is the merge of wealth and poverty. I wanted to stitch black silky polyester (wealth) with plastic bags collected from different sources and place such as Tesco (fast capitalism), black garbage bags (poverty). It's an interesting experiment that I might develop further into garments or textures that are going to be shown in the publication. 

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Proposal for Unit 7

Reflection, 04/08/2018

Although today is a saturday I still managed to gather garments for my shoot and casting process for my publication. I thought about the first element of the shoot which clearly connotes wealth and comfort within it's space and atmosphere. I want to highlight rage, being shocked and a breakdown in this particular experiment and first aspect of my publication. 

And if the experiment after casting works out, then I would definitely consider reshooting it for my publication. However, to be realistic though, if I didn't have time to do all of the things I mentioned on Monday, then I'll find a way to fit it in the next day or the day after if we have a workshop. 

Reflection, 02/08/2018

Yesterday was quite a challenging day for me conceptually, because I had a final discussion about my final proposal with a tutor, and it always seems to me that others are getting the message of my concept the wrong way, and there's this glorification that comes across as well from the sensitive matter I chose to explode "Suicide", during my lunch break I had to change my concept and reduce the negative connotations in it as I was researching aspects about it already. 

I meant to provoke with my concept and theme but at the same time I don't aim for my message to get across the wrong way or offend as if I'm endorsing or supporting the idea of suicide. So, I eventually decided to make my concept strictly about the causes of suicide due to social and economical restriction. In order, to highlight the negative aspect of our social and economical systems that can cause such a horrific act. 

Reflection, 31/07/2018

Today I spent most of my morning considering visual starting points for my project through primary research. And the other half of my day enhancing my proposal and changing elements of it. As I mentioned in my previous reflection on Monday I was struggling to minimize my concept and be realistic considering the timeline that I have till the end of this project. So, I'm thinking about fully focusing on the methods and causes of suicide through visual narratives that investigates it's purpose and causes in our reality through fashion and visual communication. 

During lunch break I decided to leave the Archway campus and to head off to the King's Cross campus and spend my afternoon in the CSM library to research my concept in depth and different context. I ended up investigating many visual books that highlight my concept, however some of them didn't but they were too aesthetically appealing with this darkness that I had to reference them. In fact, the main reason behind my visit to the CSM library is to investigate my concept visually as well as contextually in depth. However, during my visit the most important book for me to look at wasn't there, which caused a bit of a problem for me. But I plan to reserve the book to the CSM library for the next time I get there. 

Reflection, 25/07/2018

Research was the main aspect behind today's activity. I met with the rest of my class today at the Central Saint Martin's library at King's Cross to further investigate and analyze the contextual aspects behind my work for unit 7 and how I see myself developing the research into my work. At first I gathered a few books titled, the collective mind past modernism, the individual and it's politics stupid, along side other books that I would consider reflective on the concepts I'm trying to refine. Each book that I research today at the library will be discussed elaborately on my research file. The books highlight the politics of individualism/collectivism, appropriatation, and the involvement of social matters within art as a collective view point.  After my tutorial at the library I was encouraged to wider and analyze my research deeper when it comes to appropriatation, that's it's not only based wealth, it could be about race as well because these two are tied together very closely. 

Later on during the day, I went to a talk at the Tate modern titled "public, private , secret on photography. The talk was extremely intriguing and civil, it discussed the major rule photography plays in politics, humanitarian issues and most important social media. It was a very interesting discussion and each writer on the book had a completely different outlook of photography and it's use in our day and age. I plan to research their discussion and upload it on my research file in detail and how it would impact my work. 


Today we had a presentation that challenged our conception of where our work would be displayed and who would want it or purchase it ? 
Which is a very realistic and helpful factor to consider deeply as an artist or a creative individual, because it helps you release who your audience. And, once you realize who your audience is you'll be able to target consumers and expand your base easily which eventually increases your profit as creative individual who's in the midst of a proudly competitive commercial market.

I'm considering and thinking about all of the slides I saw in the presentation carefully, and I plan to elaborately address these points in my proposal in a way that doesn't over shadow my concept, which I'm still exploring/ settling on. 

Reflection, 24/07/2018

Today was another day of conceptualization our chosen concept, today was about understanding and creating more ideas surrounding our ideas for unit 7. We were also given a presentation, which was very enriching contextually for me because we got to discuss so many different political and social angles to approach our projects with. As a person who is inspired by a lot of contextual matters behind any concept that I visualize I was profoundly excited to have this talk and further engage myself and think deeply about current issues that can be highlighted in conceptual art. At first, the day was a bit conflicting for me, because I was trying my very best to highlight the right and most appropriate concept for me to presume, which is something I struggled with yesterday as well. I believe that I'm developing my third concept into a complete unit 7 exploration, because it's the most visually interesting and exciting to me and the others I asked. Due to my want to create a project that's engaging to others, I had to consider our people's persecution of what I was creating. And, every person got a completely different view points, but eventually I'd have to select the most intriguing thing for me so I could create exhilarating art and have the best time doing it. I had another tutorial today in where I asked my tutors which visualization was the most interesting for them, and each one of them said that the topics are interesting overall, but I eventually need to choice the right project for me.

Reflection, 22/07/2018

Although today is a sunday I still thought about my concept and I completed three visualization that highlight three different mattress that are political, social, economical and philosophical. I'm currently refining each concept and I plan to elaborately describe my three concepts in my next reflection in Monday to highlight and decide on what I want to do for this unit. I'm profoundly excited for this project and I plan to develop it even further once I finalize all my concepts tomorrow. 

Reflection, 10/08/2018 "Circulating Capital"

Today we had our one day task at the workshop, which was a short project for us to complete in just one day. The project sounded quite challenging at first considering that we had to do complete a full outcome in just one day, but I was quite excited for the experience of creating something under a fast track. 

Last night, I spent the entire night planning ahead what I'm going to do in the workshop, wether it's a film/photography experiment or even an installation. Eventually, I decided to settling for a perfect short film for the short time line that I was given to complete a project. So, from the very beginning of my day today, I went to collect probs, find a shooting location to start my takes, which is what've done for the entirety of the afternoon. But, eventually, I had to spend the rest of my afternoon editing the film in order to give it the visual aesthetic I'm investigating and experimenting with for this unit. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 09.46.22.png 

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 09.46.44.png 

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Contextual Practice My Own Notes

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Reflection, 07/08/2018

I also did a sketch of a plaster headpiece that would be enhanced through styling. I had to get the shape around my head in an exact measurement so I had to apply it on my head and ask for someone's. After the shape dried on my head, I was able to remove it and add plaster to it in a rough texture inspired my the concrete of the street and it's ruined textures. I plan to develop this experiment further by styling it on my head with a black polyester head-scarf and laces. 

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Reflection, 07/08/2018

I was quite pleased with the way the head piece looked like on a model. I'm considering to use this workshop experiment/ reference to Hussein Chalayan's F/W 2018 for one of the shoots I'm going to do for the publication. Which, connotes wealth before the shift of privilege and the down fall to poverty. Nevertheless, I plan to add laces to the headpiece and store it safely until my first photoshoot for the publication. 

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Reflection, 06/08/2018

Today, I spent the day creating material samples for my publication's narrative and aesthetic. I sewed plastic bags on polyester that resembles silk, to create a visual contrast of class and products. After I completed my samples, I was able to reference garments from particular collections and do illustrations that visualize the garments I wish to include in the publication. The garments, I will illustrate will all be provided by a tailor, I'm in direction of the aesthetic, color, materials and visualization of the garments and the only collaborative aspect of the outfits is the execution of it. Hopefully, by the end of this week, I'll gather the garments from the tailor and do the fittings on the models after I cast them. 

Tomorrow is our first access to the workshop for unit 7, so I decided to sketch a few ideas on my sketchbook for tomorrow so I would create an installation or an object that interacts with my shoot. But, I will only be able to achieve that once I consider the locations that I will shoot in for my booklet. 

IMG-4043.jpg IMG-4044.jpg IMG-4094.jpg

Reflection, 03/08/2018

After spending almost two weeks conceptualization my project and completing, I decided to change the subject matter of it, to a theme and title that indicates more of my concept which is about social/economical pressure. And, of course social pressure can make people react and behave in terms forms that are both cathartic and harmful. However, I wish to investigate a particular narrative within the category of social pressure, the main concept is going to be highlighting the issue of bankruptcy and how it can traumatically change the course of someone's life immediately. 

I wish to investigate the matter that I mentioned and study the causes that might make others react in certain ways when he or she is informed about a finically pressured manner? What happens to you, when you run out of money ? How would your life be like ? And, how would you cope with that fact ? These are all questions and ideas that I plan to experiment with visually and contextually for my unit 7 project. 

Reflection, 01/08/2018 (Contextual Practice)

Today during our contextual practice we were experimenting with a creative method that balances our work and discipline. I was a bit confused with the method at first, because I couldn't narrow down my concept in simplistic forms or within a small space, so I eventually tried to fit the method into my practice by not writing all of my references and instead of writing a long description about my concept I just wrote suicide, afterlife and a secular paradise. Which is still complex but it highlights my defining points clearly. Nevertheless, the exercise was really effective to my proposal enhancement plan that I aim to complete after my visa workshop this afternoon. During the practice Georgia mentioned a point regarding our proposal saying "Stating two artists is a must for the proposal in order to define and indicate your discipline." 

And, I'm glad that she informed me about that during the lesson because I do need to reference more artists that are directly tied to my discipline within my work. So, I aim to complete that by tonight, so that my proposal would be ready to get signed off by Thursday. 

Reflection, 30/07/2018

Today I submitted the first draft of my proposal, and I was given helpful feedback for it as well. Earlier on I was struggling a bit with simplifying the core of each paragraph, so my solution to that was to write a lot in a form that might appear repetitive. So after my tutorial I was asked to write less in my proposal, which is something I aim to do. The tutor was profoundly helpful during the tutorial he advised me to look up several artists and he suggested multiple references for me such as Heroine Chic and the virgin suicides. 

But at the same time, I'm thinking about just making my project strictly about several forms of suicide and not imagining or depicting an ethereal world after their death. I'm quite conflicted about my final visualization for this project, but hopefully by tomorrow I'll sort out my final decision after conceptualization my visuals for the project. 

Reflection, 23/07/2018

Today we were presenting our ideas to tutors, and discussing which concept we should take further into what we created out of the three visualizations we had to come up with. At first I really struggled to find the right concept for me to explore, I thought that all of them were interesting to me to engage and know more about. But, at the same time some of them were really difficult to communicate visually, which is not a positive element for me as a creative director and visual communicater. 

The three concepts I created were highly regarding social matters that reflect on our achievements and outcomes as people. The first concept is about the adaptation and appropriation of a middle class aesthetic by wealthy kids, especially the ones who go to art schools. The second concept is about collectivism and individuality and how Africans and the orient are looked at collectively as a representation of a particular lifestyle, historically through orientalism and art. And, contemporarily through the media and public persecution. The second concept is strictly about challenging a collective perspective that's mainly believed in the west. The third concept is titled "Superlunary Vol. 2", which would be a serious of images, garments and poems that highlight the state of being ethereal, in a fantasy oriented place that resembles my personal fantasies and others personal fantasies as well, through primary sources. And as I explore and create all of these fantasies, I plan to explore the origin behind the idea of heaven (religion), and explore the social and economical reason behind why heaven is not a reality for us although we're surrounded by nature that's purely celestial. So much of this concept is about retrieving naturalism in a contemporary sense, and celebrating it's purpose by challenging the status quo of reality and what's impossible/ what's not. 
Overall, I still didn't make a firm decision about which concept I will develop further into my unit 7 practice, but nevertheless, I believe that I will eventually make a decision by tomorrow. 


In today's presentation we were encouraged to think about a context behind our project. Whether it's political, social, economic or even personal. We were asked to think carefully about what we wanted to express with our unit 7 concept. 
Personally, I thought about communicating a struggle of some sort that's highly reflective on social and economical factors, but I'm still on a journey of finding that out. I want to channel a narrative that's consistent and clear, but conceptual at the same time. I aim to explore death and a particular social and economic struggle in our day an age that can cause a retaliation that's as extreme as death.Ref

Reflection, 19/07/2018

Today we were introduced to our extend and final project on this course titled "Unit 7", we were challenged in terms of themes, the tutors were pointing out mistakes done by students in the past. Personally, I agreed making art should be an interesting and interactive activity with either depth or irony not basicness in terms of concept or approach. And that's why I tend to enjoy art that's personal and not commercial, so I can relate and connect to it. Nevertheless, we were asked to start thinking about the proposal that we're going to write for our final project before the 30th of July. To be frank, I'm profoundly excited for this project, because I'll get to explore and produce an outcome that's not on short notice or in a specific brief, but something that's fully liberating and under my creative control from scratch. 

After the brief, we were asked to be divided into different groups, my group was the graphic communication group, and we were discussing and challenging social issues to bump up our creative thoughts such as suitability and social media. After the discussion we were asked to write ideas on notes and share them with each other, which really helped me get inspired and feel focused about the concept I'm still constructing. Today was a very creative and exciting session. I can't wait to start this project off and fully focus on my discipline and areas of interests for 6 weeks non-stop. This project just simply sounds ethereal. It's the experience that've been waiting to pursue when I decided to live abroad and follow my dreams and ambitions. I plan to experiment with three potential concepts and chose/develop one by Monday. 

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